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Enter the British Teddy Bear Antique "Bristol" Awards

The British Teddy Bear Antique "Bristol" Awards 2018. The British Teddy Bear Antique "Bristol" Awards are a celebration of Teddy Bears and soft animals from all over the world from 1902 to the 1960s. These celebratory awards are to recognise, honour and celebrate antique and vintage teddy bears and friends.

 We are delighted to announce that the original "Bristol" himself will be on show in our special exhibition in our British Teddy Bear Festival. 

 There are 5 sections: A) British, B) French, German and American, C) Steiff, D) a little different and E) Best Artist and Antique Bear.  Each one has 3 categories. All pre 1969 teddy bears are eligible for our celebration. Let's celebrate the finest of these old men and women in proper fashion.

A. British Teddy Bear Category1 Pre 1940 bear with interesting provenance. 2 A coloured bear/animal 3.Your childhood bear/animal (A photo of you as a child would be a bonus)

B. French, German and American/Other country Teddy Bear Category. (Pre 1969) 1.An unusual French Bear/Animal. 2. A German Novelty Bear/Animal  (not Steiff). 3 Any country Coloured Bear/Animal. Mixed group.

C. German Steiff Teddy Bear/Animal category 1. A group of Steiff Pre 1940. 2. Steiff on wheels (pre 1969). 3. A Novelty Bear/Animal. (A pair permitted). 

D. A Little Different. 1. Repaired and restored by you. Before and after. 2. Rescued, well loved bear/animal stories. 3. Different materials. Non mohair bears or animals

E. Best Artist and Antique Bear. (Partnership entries allowed, at least one of each) 1.Country House Chic, pearls, parasols, and petticoats! One artist one antique bear. 2.Most expressive faces. One artist, one antique bear. 3. Bears on holiday. One artist one antique bear. 4 Bearaphernalia. Unique bear related items. Aesthetically displayed.

 The price is 3 entries for £15

Please submit your photographs by email together with your 50 word description to  Deadline for submission of entries and photographs April 11th 2018 

Special Section. Lifetime Achievement awards. This section is to honour those experts/authors/dealers/collectors who have the admiration and respect of other colleagues. Please nominate up to 3 people who have dedicated their lives to their profession, and enter up to three names by email to

Note. All Antique Teddy Bear entries must be owned by you and pre 1969. They must be true to the Category/Section description. We do not accept entries other than by photograph by email. Each entry must have up to 4 photos from different angles including the back and a close up of the face. A description of up to 50 words must be included. Judges for each category will have input into the criteria for making judgements on each Antique Teddy Bear section.

Judges. We are delighted to announce the judges for the "Alfonzo" Antique Teddy Bear Awards 2018, Sue Pearson, Andrew Greetham, Catherine Howell, Dot Bird, Sarah Sellers, Daniel Agnew and Hilary Pauley